Think smarter to take full advantage  of network potential, says Arrowdawn expert

Richard Moir is technical director at IT networking and communications specialist Arrowdawn, which has operations in Aberdeen and Inverness.

For some time now the full potential of the underlying network has often been understated, while more attention has recently been given to the benefits of data centres and the cloud.

This all looks set to change, however, with a renewed focus on the network and its inherent capabilities to help customers improve security, provide superior application visibility and control, power management, reduce network complexity and improve uptime and availability.

There have been a number of emerging technologies that will enable greater performance, security and network simplification. Many of these enhancements have been built into the actual network devices but also include next generation, high speed wireless with more accurate device tracking, as well as the ability to increase basic network speeds over existing structured cabling from 1 gigabyte to 2.5 or even 5 gigabytes speed.

This could well be a game changer: crucially, it allows companies to run the latest technology without the significant expense of installing new cables.

These can now be applied without the need to change infrastructure and rolled out right across the wider network; bringing benefits right across the business environment by making better use of inherent features which weren’t previously ‘switched on’.

One example, Cisco Netflow, is an inbuilt sensor which provides users with a strategic overview of application and user monitoring, which can also enhance the security of the network by clearly identifying who’s accessing your network, with what device and from which location.

Another solution – hyper-location – uses state-of-the-art wireless technology, offering the ability to pinpoint a device or user to within one metre of accuracy using a single wireless access point.

Finally, Cisco mGig removes barriers to customers looking to adopt newer edge technologies such as the multi-gigabit wireless technologies. With around 75% of customers’ buildings currently cabled using Cat5e/Cat6, mGig enables businesses to run 10 gigabit ethernet over distances of up to 100m.

Ultimately, by taking advantage of technologies which would have previously been cost prohibitive, businesses can maximise returns from their existing investment in network infrastructure and ensure significant benefits for internal users and customers alike.

A Cisco Premier Partner, Arrowdawn is staging a half-day technical update for networking engineers on Thursday, June 25 (2015), at the city’s Gordon Highlanders Museum from 9am.

Speakers at the event ‘Connecting to the Network in a Mobile World’ will include Robert Price, head of technical strategy, partner and commercial team at Cisco, and Richard Moir, technical director at Arrowdawn.

The event schedule is available on To register for the event visit:

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