In October of last year, work began on the Cruyff Court Willie Miller - an outdoor community sports facility - in Tillydrone, Aberdeen.

The court, named after Aberdeen FC legend Willie Miller, is being built by local contractor, Hunter Construction Limited and is expected to be completed in Spring 2024.

The new sport facility will make Aberdeen one of only two cities in the UK to have three Cruyff Courts, both named after Aberdeen football heroes, Cruyff Court Denis Law in Catherine Street and Cruyff Court Neale Cooper in Tullos.

Aberdeen’s Cruyff Courts are the result of the ongoing successful partnership between Aberdeen City Council, Denis Law Legacy Trust and The Cruyff Foundation.

Look below to see a full gallery of the work done so far. Images below can be enlarged by clicking on them and you can also view more information on the Cruyff Court here.

Images thanks to Annie Dyer and Jenny Thomas for the images. Thanks must also go to Hunter Construction for their continued support.

Visit to see a full gallery of the work so far: https://www.denislawlegacytrus...

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