A viewing area is being constructed so people can safely watch the huge steel beams which were delivered for the £18 million Third Don Crossing two weeks ago, being lifted into place over the River Don.

The 60-tonne beams – which are box-section girders - were transported to the site in six sections, four to Grandholm Village on the north side of the River Don on June 18, and the remaining two to Tillydrone on the south side the following days.

Preparation works have been on-going since then and the southern beams are due to be lifted in place next Wednesday (July 8), weather permitting, with the north ones the following week. An 1,000-tonne crane – equivalent in weight to about 1,000 small cars - will lift and swing them out over the river and secured into place to the already-constructed abutments.

The project requires the construction of two major bridges, with the first being a 26m skew span reinforced concrete bridge over the Mill Lade at Grandholm Village – which is at a more advanced stage already - and the second a 90m span steel box girder bridge over the River Don.

Once the steel beams have been positioned, construction can start on the reinforced concrete deck.

A team from Balfour Beatty, the main contractors, is constructing the viewing area on the south side of the river, on Gordon Mills Road, west of the white portable cabins.

Members of the public are asked to go on the viewing area to watch the steels being lifted into place for their own safety.

Finance, Policy and Resources Committee Vice-Convener Councillor Ross Thomson said: “This viewing area has been constructed to allow the public the opportunity to witness an important and significant step in the construction of a major piece of infrastructure for Aberdeen.

“The viewing area is a great opportunity for children – especially during the summer holidays - to see up close how this historic piece of infrastructure is being constructed.

“It will be a fantastic place for people to see what’s happening at the site next week, and I’m looking forward myself to watching those huge steel beams being lifted into place.”

Ken Brown, Balfour Beatty Project Manager for the Third Don Crossing, said: “The new viewing area will provide a great advantage point for local people to see the steel beams being lifted in to place.”

The Third Don Crossing will see the construction of a new single carriageway link road between the Parkway/Whitestripes Road junction and the Tillydrone Avenue/St Machar Drive junctions, including the construction of the new bridges.

Work started in August 2014 and the contract completion date is expected in January 2016.

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