VisitAberdeenshire is keen to understand current trading conditions for tourism and hospitality businesses as it launches its seventh quarterly Business Monitor survey.

Tourism businesses from across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire are invited to complete the anonymous survey, which closes on Monday, April 10 at 8pm.

VisitAberdeenshire has issued the Business Monitor to encourage businesses to look back on the previous quarter, but with a look to the future. The survey results will also provide important insight into the next three months of trading and beyond to the peak summer season.

Chris Foy, Chief Executive, VisitAberdeenshire, said: “The quarterly Business Monitor is a marker of current challenges faced across the tourism sector. We also warmly welcome news of new opportunities or updates too.

“So we can meet the needs of businesses, it’s helpful to understand booking patterns, trends or specific requests from businesses’ customer base. The more businesses that take part, the fuller and more accurate picture we’ll have.”

Once the survey closes, the data is analysed and reviewed and made available as a downloadable report on the VisitAberdeenshire website.

Mr Foy continued: “The shareable quarterly report will provide useful insight for business, VisitAberdeenshire and the industry as a whole as we move swiftly through the calendar year.”

Businesses can complete the survey here:

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