Elon Musk's social media platform 'X', formerly known as Twitter, has lost nearly 3million monthly UK visitors following its takeover.

The Tesla founder's social media site racked up 24million visitors in the UK in May this year, down more than 10% from 26.8million last year.

Twitter's popularity had been declining in recent years, though that's only been accelerated following Musk's takeover.

It's UK reach has now fallen from 61% in 2021 to just 50% this year, however the average time spent on the site has risen from six minutes to 10.

Musk has come under fire since the takeover, firing over 80% of the company's workforce.

X's loss was another company's gain, with Threads, launched by Instagram in June, becoming the most rapidly downloaded app in history, racking up more than 100m users in its first five days.

By the start of September, almost a quarter of the UK's adults used Threads.

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