Zander Thornton could be considered a football fairy godfather, because he’s determined to make hundreds of dreams come true for underprivileged children through the beautiful game of football.

He established the charity ZesT FC in 2021. The club started off with two sessions of Walking Football a week for older people and those with a physical disability or mental health illness. Within three months the club had expanded its services with a football boot bank for children to donate their old football boots, and football camps for young boys and girls providing transport, breakfast, lunch, snacks, 1-1 coaching and a chance to make new friends.

Karen Molloy, director at TMM Recruitment explains why the company got involved: “I learned about ZesT FC from one of our longest-standing members of staff. Neil Strachan plays in the Walking Football team and I know it’s the highlight of his week – especially when he scores. The sense of camaraderie, fun and the chance for exercise in a safe space has made a world of difference to Neil, particularly during the pandemic when life became more isolating. I’m really pleased we can contribute in a small way to ZesT’s really ambitious plans and be part of something so positive.

During 2022 ZesT FC will deliver football camps throughout the year welcoming 750 children, in addition to weekly free football training and 1-1's coaching in dedicated classes for tiny tots through to 11-year-olds. All in all, a commitment of 40,498 free hours of football to underprivileged children.

Zander Thornton, football coach and founder of ZesT FC says: “ZesT FC was borne out of my determination to recover from addiction. I love my work and the sense of purpose I have now, knowing that the club is making a difference to so many people. ZesT FC has diversity and inclusion at its heart. We want to make a difference to people of all ages and abilities, and especially to families who miss out on the health and wellbeing benefits of playing the sport I’ve loved all my life because they can’t afford to do so. We can only continue our work with the help of sponsors like TMM Recruitment.

If you’d like to know more about the sponsor opportunities with ZesT FC contact Zander on

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