Aberdeen Christmas Classic young farmers’ stock judging competition results

The young farmers’ stock judging competition at the Aberdeen Christmas Classic – sponsored by Northlink Ferries – saw another fantastic turnout on Tuesday evening. Hosted by Aberdeen & Northern Marts in conjunction with the Aberdeen Fatstock Association, young participants from the North and North East of Scotland came to Thainstone to take part in the competition, held at Thainstone Centre, Inverurie.


Junior Club Team

1st – Echt C: Hannah Lorimer, Lynsey Brown, Faye Wilkie 670 points

2nd – Turriff D: Ellie Milne, Millie Mackenzie, Natalie Milne 658 points

3rd – Turriff A: Fraser Chapman, Jack Sleigh, Stewart Sleigh 646 points

Senior Club Team

1st – Turriff F: Leanne Duguid, Zoe Donald, Nicola Ewing 686 points

2nd – Deer & District C: Michael Gall, Angus Craig, Bruce Shand 642 points

Joint 3rd – Alford B: Bruce Keir, Sally Glennie, Mark Wattie 638 points

Joint 3rd – Inverurie C: Megan Kildrummy, Amy Ingram, George Milne 638 points

Senior Individual Member

Joint 1st – Zoe Donald – Turiff 234 points

Joint 1st – Kieran Milne – Turriff 234 points

Joint 1st – Blair Wyness – Kinneff 234 points

Junior Club Member

Joint 1st – Lauren Innes, Lower Speyside 230 points

Joint 1st – Kyle Cruickshank, Strathspey 230 points

2nd – Craig Buchan, Deer & District 226 points

Open Section

1st – Ian Wilkie 226 points

2nd – Charles Mathers 222 points

Joint 3rd – Fraser Cumming 214 points

Joint 3rd – Heather Charles 214 points

Young Farmers Stock Judging - Junior Club Team Champion

Young Farmers Stock Judging - Junior Club Team Champion

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