North-east based charity Aberdeen Foyer’s vision is for all young people and adults to thrive, feel connected and included in their community, where everyone has a safe, decent place to call home and access to resources to live a good life.

This year the charity has collated stories which showcase the impact the Foyer has had on people’s lives. Aberdeen Foyer’s Funding manager Brenda Young is excited for people to learn more about the charity by listening to people’s stories:

“I’m very excited for people to see what we’re showcasing this Christmas. We do so many different things, in so many different locations so it’s great to hear stories from people who have been positively impacted by the Foyer - from volunteers to young people, to parents of young people.”

The Creative Director of Foyer Graphics Julie Wemyss is eager for people to see the videos Foyer Graphics have co-produced with the Foyer staff:

“We predominantly work with private clients but making the Christmas campaign for the Foyer is always a special project. We’re also excited about our e-cards: this year people can make a small donation to us by sending their cards electronically. Some designs from us and some from clients too.”

Learn more about how to celebrate Christmas the Foyer way:

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