SRCN Solutions, a leading work management consulting firm, recently supported a client in executing a comprehensive, detailed review of all of its live, corrective work on one of its assets.

The project involved a systematic and comprehensive cleanse, review and re-prioritisation of all live, corrective work. SRCN Solutions then updated the client’s computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) to reflect all changes, which meant the promised improvement was delivered before SRCN finished the scope.

The review included in the region of 2,000 work orders, across multiple trades, and took around six weeks to complete from start to finish, which was exactly as promised before the scope was agreed.

A maintenance backlog signifies operational challenges for an organisation in meeting maintenance demands, potentially impacting equipment performance and compliance with business and legal requirements.

Colin Wilson, Director at SRCN Solutions

Colin Wilson, Director at SRCN Solutions

Colin Wilson, Director at SRCN Solutions, stated: "Backlog review and cleanse projects are one of our core service offerings. We were delighted to collaborate with this North Sea operator to substantially decrease their crucial business backlog, clearly understand their risk and help them better prioritise their work.

"The work involved no short cuts or quick fixes. Every work order within the scope was reviewed individually, giving the client full confidence that the output of the work was accurate, robust and in-line with both internal and external standard expectations."

Specialising in optimising work management systems for the oil and gas, renewable, utilities, and power sectors, SRCN Solutions empowers organizations to streamline work processes and allocate resources for strategic growth.

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