Apache North Sea Ltd is supporting Cash for Kids’ annual Coat Appeal and Mission Christmas Appeal for the third year in a row. This significant donation has made a profound impact on the lives of more than 1,500 children in the region, providing warmth, comfort and joy this winter season.

The company initially made a corporate donation of £55,000, which included £40,000 for the Coat Appeal and £15,000 for Mission Christmas. While Apache employees volunteered this year at Mission Christmas they realised that applications for Christmas presents were soaring and left with a determination to pull together additional support for the charity. Within 24 hours the Apache offshore charity Bond agreed to donate an additional £30,000 to Mission Christmas. The bond manages funds generated by the Apache’s workforce through sales of confectionary and other items on the company’s offshore platforms.

The donation to the Coat Appeal helped 800 children across the North East of Scotland, whose families are facing financial constraints and are struggling to afford adequate winter clothing for their children. Often torn between necessities like food and heating, it is challenging for these families to afford warm jackets and suitable footwear for their children during the coldest months of the year. The Coat Appeal aims to alleviate this struggle by providing £50 Primark vouchers, empowering children to select their winter attire and experience the delight of owning brand-new clothes. It also provides an educational opportunity, teaching children valuable lessons in budgeting and managing expenses.

The remaining £45,000 from Apache's contribution has been dedicated to bolstering the Cash for Kids Mission Christmas Appeal. Recognised as the charity's flagship campaign, Mission Christmas aims to ensure every child wakes up to the joy of presents on Christmas morning. In 2022, Mission Christmas spread cheer to 5,596 local children, and this year, Apache's donation will brighten the day for 750 children. In addition to financial support, around 20 dedicated Apache employees have volunteered at Mission HQ this year, helping to sort gifts, prepare applications and even support in fundraising efforts.

Jamie Smith, Charity Manager, expressed profound gratitude towards Apache for their continued partnership. "Apache has been an amazing partner of Cash for Kids over the past few years and I am delighted they have pledged to continue to support the charity. This donation has helped over 1,500 children and young people this winter, whether it be through warm winter clothing or gifts for Christmas day. To receive a last minute £30,000 boost to the Mission Christmas Appeal from Apache’s offshore workforce was just incredible and this has helped us to support even more families with Christmas presents for their children this year. We are very grateful to Apache for their generosity and ongoing support and look forward to working closer with the team next year.”

“Cash for Kids is an incredible charity that helps struggling families in our community, said Jillian Owen, Country Manager at Apache North Sea. “It is important for our team at Apache to know that our corporate support and our offshore charity bond are making a real difference to those in most need and both of these initiatives are essential for local children. Our offshore team was delighted to be able to offer an additional £30,000 lifeline to Mission Christmas as applications exceeded expectations.”

About Cash for Kids: Cash for Kids is Northsound Radios charity in the UK. In 2022 Cash for Kids North East Scotland supported more than 26,000 children affected by poverty, illness, abuse, neglect or who have additional needs.

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