Dominion Technology Gases, as part of the European industrial gas business of the US company Praxair Inc. has been acquired by Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC) and will form part of the new NIPPON GASES Europe.

Nippon Gases Europe will retain the assets, the organization, employees and management that have made it a successful and highly competitive company. This highly competent organization will be even stronger thanks to the support of the TNSC group.

Nippon Gases Europe is present in the most important and industrialized countries in Europe, employing approximately 2,600 workers, servicing more than 100,000 customers and has a diversified involvement in broad industries such as healthcare, food, manufacturing, metallurgy, chemical products, electronics and energy. Dominion Technology Gases has a strong history operating globally in the offshore sector with particular focus on specialized diving gases.

According to Eduardo Gil, president of Nippon Gases Europe, “TNSC, already very well positioned in Japan, South East Asia and the United States, becomes today, through the acquisition of our company, part of the Elite of the European Gases Industry. Nippon Gases Europe is one of the four major industrial gases companies in Europe, while the TNSC group is also one of the top four globally. This investment of the TNSC group in Europe is the beginning of the journey in Europe since the group is looking forward to analyze additional growth opportunities”.

The Nippon Gases commitment to safety, compliance, the environment, people excellence and exceptional customer service are synonymous also with Dominion Technology Gases and fits perfectly into the TNSC slogan “The Gas Professionals”.

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