From January 1 2021, Aberdeen port-based company Sea-Cargo Aberdeen Ltd will offer a new customs transit facility for local importers to deal with the UK’s exit from the EU’s main trading arrangements.

From the start of next year UK imports will be faced with new customs checks and tariffs, for many companies this will bring new challenges by dealing with UK import entries. Sea-Cargo’s facility will offer a two fold solution with both a Temporary Storage Facility (TSF) and a Customs Bonded Warehouse, giving importers short and long term options for import to the UK.

The potential congestion in busier ports could result in delay of receipt of goods along with added costs of demurrage on haulier vehicles and shipping lines equipment. Sea Cargo’s TSF allows imports coming into the UK from other ports to be transferred to Aberdeen for the import process.

While the Customs Bonded Warehouse allows importers to store goods on a long term basis until they are required, so delaying payment of duty and VAT. This solution also gives the local companies in the oil and gas industry the ability to bring goods into the UK then reexport them directly to their required offshore location.

Sea-Cargo has the trained staff and systems already in place to assist with businesses in completing the associated documentation required for UK import. Contact for more information.

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