GEODIS announces the opening of a new eLogistics platform in the UK. GEODIS eLogistics, which was launched in 2020, supports e-retailers in outsourcing their logistics operations. It offers a complete logistics solution for order preparation and personalisation, inventory optimisation, transport organisation and returns management.

In April 2023, a new GEODIS eLogistics platform opened up in Coventry, United Kingdom. This 7,000 m2 site is located in a strategic area allowing rapid distribution of products thanks to good transport links. It has the capacity to store more than 500,000 SKUs and to process up to 5,000 orders per day.

GEODIS’ eLogistics solution allows e-commerce companies of all sizes to efficiently outsource their logistics without the need for a large financial investment, thanks to shared multi-client warehouses and a more flexible contractual commitment. GEODIS eLogistics integrates seamlessly with the leading CMSs, ERPs and marketplaces. As soon as a buyer places an order online, the eLogistics teams take over the preparation and shipping of the order and any returns. E-merchants can track the progress of their business and their orders in real time thanks to the Visibility Portal, a digital platform at their disposal.

GEODIS now operates a total of six eLogistics platforms, located in the United States, France and the United Kingdom, with space also available in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. A total of 40,000 m2 of warehousing is dedicated to this offering.

Jean-Pierre Juteau, head of GEODIS eLogistics Europe, said: “The eLogistics offering is the latest innovation from GEODIS. The opening of this new eLogistics facility in the UK will allow new webshops, marketplaces and other kinds of e-commerce platforms to develop their businesses in a new geographical zone close to local markets.”

This video gives a behind the scenes view of the eLogistics solution.

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