With an extensive recruitment campaign underway to support the Moray Maternity Plan, Dr Gray’s Hospital midwife Maggie Macleod is sharing her story of working in the NHS for more than 40 years and why she’s decided to stay put following retirement.

Maggie (58) is one of many nurses and midwives who are continuing to work under a Retire and Return scheme which helps the NHS to retain experienced staff.

Maggie, who has recently received two DAISY nominations for delivering exemplary care, explained: “I still marvel at the job I’ve got and I’ve got so much more to give. I didn’t feel ready to leave but I was finding life more difficult to juggle so that’s why I decided to come back and support the day assessment team.

“I’m in a really fortunate position and I’m just loving it. Those of us who have been around a bit longer can support the new midwives and share our experience.”

Originally from the isle of Lewis, Maggie began her training as a nurse in 1983 and went on to become a midwife working at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. She and her family moved to Nairn 15 years ago when her husband decided to become a minister. She always thought they might eventually move back to the islands.

Maggie added: “We have got to know Moray really well. It suits me to be close to the coast – a bit like island life – and we’re not far from Lewis where I still have family and friends. It’s also easy to get back to Edinburgh where I’m still in touch with colleagues.

“I remember when I moved up here colleagues wondered if I’d benefit from the same professional experiences with fewer births, but they’ve been pleasantly surprised. Up here we have the huge advantage of being able to support women throughout their antenatal care, birth and postnatal care whereas in bigger units you are often restricted to one particular speciality.

“I love feeling part of one of the most momentous times in people’s lives. You can make a difference if you care, listen to their hopes and support them through the whole experience. When you're in labour ward and you're eye to eye, if you have a connection you can get through anything together. Even in day assessment, you’ll often see people more than once for more detailed monitoring, you get to know them and they get to know you. I love that.”

To find out more about opportunities to work as part of the maternity collaborative between NHS Grampian and NHS Highland, visit: Jobs in Moray - Wish You Worked Here -ENDS[1]Note to editor Photos of Maggie both past and present. Additional photographs are available on request.

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