Welltec’s UK and Central Europe (UKCE) base of operations is moving to a new facility in Aberdeen (UK), providing 43% extra capacity that will increase solution testing, job preparation and logistics capabilities, and significantly boost service delivery across the region.

Against the backdrop of increased demand for services, the move improves the position of the UKCE hub both in terms of key transport links and partner proximity, with the new facility at a prime location next to Aberdeen Airport, and close to multiple energy industry stakeholders.

“This is an incredibly exciting time, not just for the local team but for Welltec as a whole. Whilst meeting the demands of the upturn in the market to support clients in traditional segments, we also have a growing presence in the mid-stream, geothermal, and CCUS markets,” said Daniel Lewis, UKCE Area Vice President.

“Maximizing our ability to meet our customers’ needs and react quickly is a key part of Welltec’s success over the years. With this new facility in Aberdeen we are able to continue our growth and ensure we increase our ability to support the energy transition.”

Testing and showcasing
The extra capacity includes an enhanced yard area, which will not only help support the 49% UK growth observed over the past year but will also increase the number of areas available for systems integration testing (SIT), where tools and solutions can be tested under specific conditions and requirements to ensure in-field operational success.

A dedicated technology showcase area will enable the UKCE base to open its doors to clients and partners on a more regular basis, and host 'technology days’ to demonstrate new and existing solutions – a noteworthy improvement on the previous location.

The UKCE region as a whole saw 83% growth for Welltec in 2022, and so this move is strategically necessary in order to continue meeting current demand, and to promote growth in new areas by working hand in hand with the operational base in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Aberdeen: The first international base
Welltec opened its first base outside of Denmark in 2001, and this was in fact the previous Aberdeen location. Much has changed since then, with Welltec growing from the early days of being known as ‘the Well Tractor company’, to now being a multi-service, multi-product, multi-market supplier.

Global growth has enabled Welltec to continue adding to its technology portfolio across Completion, Intervention, and Renewables segments including New Energy and Climate Technology. These include the recent additions of Isealate Springblade Patch technology, the full acquisition of Autentik AS (Wellgrab™ ERFT advanced fishing solution), CCS-related test capability, and some forthcoming additions to both intervention and completion portfolios.

The move to the new Aberdeen location will be completed in April 2023.

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