North-east artists and designers selected for 2019 Look Again Art Weekender

Look Again, which is part of Gray’s School of Art at Robert Gordon University (RGU), has announced the winners of its annual Seed Fund, which provides funding and support for artists and designers with a strong link to the North-east.

This year will see the four Seed Fund commissions, made up of seven artists who are all alumni of Gray’s, propose new work around the theme of ‘New Narratives’, reflecting on changes in both the city and in the wider world throughout the year.

The works will be presented to the public during the Look Again Art Weekender, which takes place in various locations throughout Aberdeen from June 7-16.

The four commissioned works are –

  • Karolina Bachanek - Caro&Karo Taxi – this project will create a mobile gallery based in an iconic European car, which can also move around various Look Again venues.
  • David McDiarmid, Stuart Noble and Emma Rogers, Jon Nicolson and Rachel Rodgers - The Artists’ Tuck Shop – a mobile tuck shop which stocks food, drinks and artworks created by the artists.
  • Studio N_Name - Radical Caterpillars – an installation and artwork which explores a world where children have risen up to overthrow the adults and seize power over the UK with their own political movement, the ‘Radical Caterpillars’.
  • Kirsty Russell – this project will think about places of welcome, and thresholds in the city.

Look Again, associate director, Hilary Nicoll, commented: “We were overwhelmed with the creativity and imagination of all of our Seed Fund applicants this year, and it was very hard to select just four – however, we believe all the commissions will be a truly wonderful addition to this year’s Art Weekender.

“Through the Seed Fund, we want to encourage creativity and help to support artists and designers to realise something which they may not have thought possible.

Look Again is helping to create a new narrative in the city of Aberdeen, reappraising the value of its significant cultural and creative assets.

Importantly, it also provides creative practitioners with opportunities to develop their professional practice in the city, retaining and supporting talent.

Hilary added: “Since launching the Seed Fund in 2017, we have supported thirteen creative practitioners, which has resulted in a series of engaging, reflective and resonant art works which animate the city in new ways, and we look forward to this continuing into 2019.”

Look Again has provided each of the commissioned projects with a budget of £2,500, covering fees, materials, production and installation costs.

Left to right- Karolina Bachanek, Hilary Nicoll (Look Again, associate director), Katie Guthrie and Emma Chapman (Studio N_Name)

Left to right- Karolina Bachanek, Hilary Nicoll (Look Again, associate director), Katie Guthrie and Emma Chapman (Studio N_Name)

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