The Offshore Wind O&M Partnership (OWOP), an alliance between RES, GEV Wind Power, Outreach Offshore and Rix Renewables, welcomes Rovco, a leading UK-based provider of technology-powered offshore wind solutions, to complement its package of quality, long-term operations and maintenance (O&M) services to offshore wind asset owners internationally.

As a leader in the creation and deployment of advanced technologies for offshore wind services, specialising in subsea services, Rovco was a natural candidate to join OWOP to further enhance its capabilities as a Tier 1 contractor for offshore wind asset owners. Through automated hydrographic survey and remote operating vehicle (ROV) operations, Rovco’s highly technical offering includes operations and maintenance services, construction support and marine site characterisation.

Based in the UK, OWOP was formally launched in late January 2024. Together, the alliance brings a coordinated and agile approach to delivering safe and high-quality O&M services, reducing the complexity and resource intensity associated with subcontracting. Through a single contract, offshore wind asset owners have access to all typical turbine, blade, substation, and balance of plant operations and maintenance services as well as workboats, advanced digital tools, and now, with Rovco, comprehensive subsea O&M capabilities. The Partnership also offers RES’ world-class centralised wind O&M coordination capabilities to minimise shutdowns and maximise asset performance.

Speaking on behalf of OWOP, Simon Deacon, Operations and Maintenance Director for RES, said: “We are delighted to welcome Rovco to the alliance. The founding principle of OWOP has always been to ease the operational headache wind asset owners often face when organising O&M services. Since the Partnership formally launched at the beginning of the year, we have been exploring the possibility of including subsea inspection services within our offer. As the undisputed international market leader in subsea inspection, we could not find a better partner than Rovco.”

“Equally, we are thrilled to be partnering with a company of this calibre who not only recognises the market opportunity in front of us but has joined us in our endeavour to create a professionalised package of quality, long-term O&M services for offshore wind asset owners.”

Brian Allen, CEO of Rovco, said: “At Rovco, we’re committed to transforming the offshore wind sector through advanced technology and AI-driven solutions. OWOP’s objective to ease the operational and logistical burden faced by wind asset owners aligns with our mission to provide customers with unparalleled data quality, accelerated project timelines, and cost-effective services. We are very pleased to be joining the Offshore Wind O&M Partnership to strengthen our offering for our current and future customers”.

Along with offering a ‘one stop shop’ for O&M services and overall asset and contractor management capabilities, the Offshore Wind O&M Partnership also offers a tailored menu of services depending on the needs of customers.

Deacon explains: “For example, an asset owner could package together two, three or four of the services offered by OWOP into a single contract to reduce the number of asset interventions. Or the Partnership could provide a standalone campaign combined with provision of vessels to minimise disruption to day-to-day operations. OWOP can deliver any such combination of services according to customer requirements.”

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