Stuart and Libby Richardson's Isle of Mull Half Marathon Raises £500 for Absafe, Benefiting St. Peter's Primary School.

In a heartwarming display of community support and dedication, Stuart and Libby Richardson recently completed the Isle of Mull half marathon, raising an impressive £500 for Absafe, a charity committed to promoting lifesaving skills.

Stuart and Libby's decision to run the Isle of Mull half marathon in aid of Absafe showcased their commitment to making a positive impact on their community. The funds raised have been put to excellent use; St. Peter's Primary 6s were invited to Absafe for a day of immersive education, covering eight crucial topics. These topics ranged from safety in the home, to resisting peer pressure, and understanding the risks of being online. The students not only had a great time but also gained valuable life skills that will empower them to make safer choices in various aspects of their lives.

The day at Absafe was a unique opportunity for the students to engage in interactive and educational activities that went beyond the traditional classroom setting. It provided them with practical knowledge that will serve them well as they navigate the challenges and responsibilities of growing up.

Absafe, as a non-profit charity dedicated to creating safer communities, greatly appreciates the support and dedication shown by Stuart and Libby Richardson. Their fundraising efforts have allowed the organisation to reach out to more young individuals and equip them with essential life skills and safety knowledge.

It's heartening to see individuals who understand the importance of safety education and are willing to take action to make it accessible to others. Their generosity has not only raised funds but also contributed to building a safer and more informed community.

As the CEO of Absafe, Louise extends heartfelt gratitude to Stuart and Libby Richardson for their remarkable initiative and generosity. Their support has made a significant difference in the lives of the students at St. Peter's Primary School, and Absafe looks forward to continuing its mission of promoting safety and saving lives, thanks to individuals like them.

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