People are to come together at Stella’s Voice upcoming fundraising and awareness event to listen, share and learn more about issues impacting our lives and those of people we care about in our community. The evening will be a journey about 'Stella's Voice' and the 30+ years of the charity as they work to help bring an end to human trafficking.

Interviews with real people about real issues and real stories that move us and connect us together. A place where loneliness evaporates, and a sense of belonging is experienced. Regardless of the headline, the experience aims to give each audience guest a transformative experience, a bit like a journey into the unknown and arriving on the other side fresh, awake and filled with hope. By the time you leave the event on the 25th April you will have a deep understanding of the challenges and battles facing our world and communities when we consider 'human trafficking' and modern slavery.

Through interviews on the night with Mark Morgan and Steliana Radu, attendees will hear shocking statistics, difficult stories and more importantly, hear about the work of the charity, how it came to be and how many people they are supporting and giving life transforming opportunities too.

One of the ways that Stella's Voice raise money to keep their vital work going is through their charity shops one based in Aberdeen on Kings street and the other up in Peterhead.

The second part of our event will include an opportunity to shop and see what they have for sale, so if you are a keen creative looking for vintage, retro items this will be a double win for you.

All proceeds from the sales of goods will go to Stella's Voice.

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