An innovative Aberdeen-based IT solutions provider has reported a significant uptake in business as it marks its seventh anniversary.

Care App Solutions Ltd has experienced a significant increase in demand for its services, fuelled by an 80% increase in its IMPACT® GDPR audits in the past year. Ongoing software development for a growing client base has also helped bolster the company, which now employs a team of five based around Scotland including a member of staff in the Western Isles.

Founded by Susan Mackie in 2016, Care App Solutions Ltd provides software development, GDPR and regulatory reporting support, including a range of services such as business analysis, process and data mapping, eDiscovery, tailored dashboards, IT training and software development/implementations. The company also provides mobile, desktop and wearable solutions to the community and acute health and care industries on a subscription basis.

Susan Mackie explained: “A recent focus on UK and EU GDPR enabled us to work across many sectors which has been key to our recent growth. Since the pandemic, many businesses have switched lanes and are now focusing on their own growth and are reviewing internally how well they are prepared for change and scaling. This is where we have been able to help. I have also seen the sales process come under more scrutiny with more savvy customers are now looking for robust data processing agreements to ensure suppliers understand their responsibilities.

“GDPR is an essential element of planning for all businesses especially during growth and change, and some who did some work around it in May 2018 have fallen foul of the myth that they have addressed it. However, often companies haven’t done anything after that initial push and processes might not stand up when tested. For example, if you look at a company privacy notice which hasn’t been updated since 2018, but they go on to tell you about all the new systems they have put in place, it’s evident that they haven’t aligned GDPR with their business, which could lose them valuable work. The right advice can prove to be crucial in navigating a smooth course through these reviews.”

To find out more, visit or or call (08450) 526736.

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