VSA, the social care charity supporting the people of Aberdeen & North-east Scotland, has announced a new corporate partnership with Acteon Group Ltd, a marine energy and infrastructure services company.

Greig Slatter, corporate business development manager for VSA, says, “Vulnerable children and adults, now more than ever, urgently need help and support. Corporate organisations have the power to make life better for children and adults who are living in poverty; living with a mental health diagnosis; living with learning disabilities or living in loneliness and isolation. Our corporate partnerships are an integral part of the support network of VSA. Together, we have the power to drive forward social change and make a real difference in people's lives. We are delighted to welcome new charity partner Acteon and look forward to developing a meaningful relationship to create a shared vision that is aligned with their company's ESG goals.”

Greig continues, “There are many ways in which we work in partnership with our corporate partners, from making philanthropic donations to help drive social change, to creating corporate volunteering programmes and our ‘Charity of the Year’ partnerships. The most important goal we set together is one which maximises an organisation's impact on making a difference in vulnerable children's and adults' lives.

Andy Norman, head of marketing communications at Acteon, says, “Our core values at Acteon align with VSA and their ongoing mission in supporting the people of the north-east of Scotland. We actively listen to and build partnerships with our customers so we can help solve their challenges and enable their ambitions, and we wanted to do the same for the third sector. We value people, take responsibility and champion succeeding together, so the focused corporate partnership fitted with everything we stand for as a team and organisation. Acteon House, Westhill, is proud to be supporting VSA over the next year and looks forward to getting behind everything we can, from events to volunteering programmes to make life better for vulnerable children and adults.”

For further information on VSA’s corporate partnerships and to explore how you can change lives together contact fundraising@vsa.org.uk

For more information on Acteon, please visit www.acteon.com

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