Members of the public will have the chance to learn essential, life saving first aid skills as part TechFest’s digital festival of STEM, in a workshop presented by the Red Cross.

This interactive workshop, run by an experienced British Red Cross educator, will take place on Monday, November 16 at 7pm.

Presented through a digital classroom on Zoom, the audience will tackle four first aid skills using everyday objects and have the opportunity to ask questions, with the aim of building enough confidence to help someone in a first aid emergency.

Booking is now open for First Aid Live Lesson with the British Red Cross.

Sarah Chew, managing director of TechFest, said: “First aid can be a nerve-wracking experience for a trainee, due to the level of pressure felt when essential first aid is required.

“As with many of our events this year, being able to attend this digital classroom, allows the audience to take in the knowledge, ask questions and learn these important skills from the comfort of their own home.

“This is great practise, as everyday objects will be used as part of the lesson, and it is a much more realistic session if an audience member should have to use first aid in the future.

“With general health anxiety currently heightened due to restrictions and uncertainty, the knowledge of basic first aid and the confidence of being trained by an expert, can be calming experience.”

The annual festival is aiming to be the biggest and most ambitious digital science festival in Scotland this year.

With an exciting and eclectic mix of more than 30 events taking place over a three-week period, the festival has two main strands - the traditional public programme and a programme for schools.

Supported by joint principal sponsors bp and Shell and also sponsored by Equinor, Ithaca Energy, SBRC, The Data Lab and supported by RockRose Energy, the celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) usually runs for three weeks in September, with events taking place in venues across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

This year, rather than cancel the festival due to current events, organisers not only decided to go ahead with a 2020 event but to make it wider ranging than ever before.

The mix will include both live and pre-recorded events delivered via Zoom, Facebook, LinkedIn and through interactive activities.

Thanks to the digital format it has also gone global, with audiences, including school groups tuning in from countries around the world.

Live events in the public programme include presentations on the world in 2040, allowing the audience to take a virtual time machine to the future, the $7m maths questions and the maths required to solve them, and a polar explorer STEM talk, where the audience can see STEM in a different light, this time, amongst wildlife.

A schools programme will bring science-based activities directly into the classroom with a variety of activities, video conferences, talks, and virtual events with partners including Edinburgh Zoo and the Red Cross in collaboration with Skills Development Scotland TechFest’s new programme collaborator.

The highly popular family days will also return in digital format, jam packed with fun and STEM-inspired activities which the whole family can enjoy.

The First Aid Live Lesson with the British Red Cross event begins at 7pm on November 16.

Admission to all events is free. For more information and to book, visit the TechFest website at

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