Aberdeen-based Caber Coffee has unveiled plans to help fellow hospitality businesses navigate ongoing economic challenges – by bucking the trend and lowering prices.

With so many products and services experiencing price increases, the family-run company has taken the bold decision to stir things up and pass on decreases in wholesale prices. From coffee beans to disposable items, and from syrups to sugars the company has also brought in sweeping changes to its range to provide greater choice than ever before.

It is hoped the initiative will help bolster some of its catering and hospitality sector customers as they face an ongoing battle to chart a course through rising costs on many fronts.

The move was sparked by Caber Coffee’s own CV19-related pandemic challenges when, overnight, the business saw sales drop to 5% of normal and it fell through the cracks of government support.

Caber Coffee Managing Director Findlay Leask explained: “As well as our own experiences during the pandemic, we’ve heard of so many customers either struggling or going out of business that we felt it was incumbent upon us to look at how we could do our bit to help.

“Like our customers, we see rising costs in every corner of our business, but we must do everything we can to prop each other up across the sector, so it is only right that any savings we can achieve should be passed on.

“It may be a cliché to say that our customers are our business but it is true that we depend on their viability and this additional facet to that two-way relationship is something we feel is important to add during these testing times.”

Family run Caber Coffee is a leading, independent wholesale company which is renowned for supplying quality ground coffee, beans, teas, vending ingredients and a range of quality, easy to use and reliable coffee machines, espresso makers and hot beverage equipment. The company currently employs 10 people and works with clients in a range of sectors including contract catering and hospitality.

To find out more, visit www.cabercoffee.com email info@cabercoffee.com or call 0845 302 4600.

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