Insight can help to inform your priorities, develop your case to investors and measure how well your initiatives perform.

Economic impact analysis examines the financial; and social effects that an event, programme, project or policy has on people, places and sectors.

Our team has a proven track record in undertaking robust assessments of the socio-economic impacts of organisations, projects, events, and assets including visitor attractions, commercial or residential developments and other investments.

Our range of service areas include:

  • Appraising and evaluating cultural, tourism, sports and leisure projects
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Community development projects
  • Area regeneration plans and projects
  • Initiatives to develop business competitiveness
  • Project and programme evaluation
  • Economic impact of business sectors, standalone interventions or business activities

Our sector research programmes are designed to understand the business environment and trends in the key industry sectors driving the economy of the North-east helping to inform government policy and strategic decision-making.

Examples of this work include our Energy Transition Survey series and the Quarterly Economic Survey.

There are opportunities to sponsor this type of research, so please contact us if you are interested in growing your brand profile in any particular sector.

We have commissioned the Research Chamber twice and have been delighted with the service and output. Most importantly the research has provided real insight which we have used at a practical level to make improvements to our business and influence stakeholders.

Aberdeen Football Club

Work was completed as agreed and professionally.

Alfred Codona, Director at Codonas (Project: Aberdeen Christmas Village Evaluation)