Join Expeditors for a free webinar where they demystify Incoterms® - the rules designed to simplify international trade.

As a new year begins, the intricacies of Incoterms persist. In an ever-evolving global landscape, a nuanced comprehension of Incoterms is increasingly vital for effectively mitigating risks within your supply chain.

Incoterms® define the roles and obligations of global sellers and buyers in fulfilling goods delivery under international contracts. They contribute to contract clarity, minimizing uncertainty and establishing a foundation for dispute resolution. Inaccurate application of Incoterms® can result in complications related to delivery, payments, unexpected expenses, and disputes.

Seize the opportunity to deepen your understanding of all 11 Incoterms®, covering responsibilities for transport, insurance, customs clearance, duty payments, and the transfer of risk from seller to buyer. The webinar will explore the merits and drawbacks of each term, shedding light on the key modifications from the 2010 version.

The free webinar will be delivered via Zoom. You can book your seat by following this link:

Speaker: Zuzana Vavrincova - Regional Training Manager – Europe.

Upon registration, registrants will receive an email with a calendar invitation to book in their diary.

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