In a national bid to assist small charities and small legal aid providers in providing cyber security assurance, cyber security experts TechForce, in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), wants to remind you that a fully funded cyber audit initiative is available to you for a few more days to claim. This program offers comprehensive, fully funded cyber audits for eligible organisations with up to 50 employees, ensuring their online systems are safe and secure.

The initiative aims to provide small charities and small legal aid providers access to top-tier cybersecurity resources. These organisations will be able to protect sensitive data, maintain the trust of their donors and clients, and prevent costly cyber-attacks.

To qualify for this fully funded audit, organisations must meet the following criteria:

  • Registered charity or legal aid provider in the UK
  • Up to 50 employees
  • Never held CE Plus certification in the past
  • Can provide a company number or charity number.

The audit process, conducted by certified cybersecurity professionals, will identify potential vulnerabilities in the organisation's systems, implement security controls as per the Cyber Essentials framework to improve their overall security posture and then achieve Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Spaces are limited now with the deadline approaching - get in contact with us today to ensure your organisation is taking advantage of this initiate.

Please visit to register your interest. Selected participants will be notified by as soon as possible, and audits will be conducted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

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