May 4, 2023 is a significant milestone for neospace as it has now been two years since opening the doors for the first time and welcoming the first member in.

Riverside House, now Neo House has been in the Knox Group since 2012 and in 2019/2020 the neospace concept was born. This concept is where you can find work, rest and play under one roof. Home to flexible, hybrid, tech-led spaces, blended with warm hospitality, sustainably operated wellness facilities and a thriving community.

Neospace launching in post CV19 times came with its challenges and it took some time for the brand to establish itself in the market. The small neo team (at the time) built a great bond in this time making their motivation even more powerful than ever to get the news of neo out there. The neospace team is the foundation to what has been built to this day.

Over two years, neospace has welcomed new faces through fun charity days, outdoor bootcamps with the gym team and classic cheese and wine networking evenings. The success of all of these makes the neo team excited for the future and everybody they are still yet to connect with.

The community spirit has grown into a beautiful mix, with over 40 companies from all walks of industry and talented individuals with great opportunities to collaborate and network. The biggest asset in any business is the people and if you match that with a great product then future success will follow.

“Neospace has been great in accommodating my growing business needs, providing additional office space as our team continues to grow. The community at Neospace is also a highlight, with other businesses located here, and I have taken on many clients from these other businesses. Overall, my experience at Neospace has been incredibly positive and has contributed to the success of my business.” – Adam Sinclair & Associates Wealth Management.

2023 looks to be a promising year for all.

Part of the 2-year celebrations, neospace is running an exciting summer competition for one lucky entrepreneur/start up to win the use of office space and all other facilities.

For updates on all events, office availability and competitions please visit

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