As part of its winter celebration campaign Katoni has launched a new website.

The website has been built to complement a refinement and simplification of the services offer from the company. As well as detailing the support available a news, resources and team page has been created.

In addition a new careers page details recruitment opportunities. Already in 2024 Katoni has advertised 16 new jobs of which 8 have been filled. The roles in the site are all permanent roles and not project based.

The winter campaign also includes support for local charities and events with the North East of Scotland Junior Tennis Championships having taken place in December and the Katoni Cup in partnership with AFC taking place at the end of January.

CEO James Bream said “We’re all pleased with the new site and thankful to Minto Branding who were excellent during the development and delivery process. Our reputation has been building for several years but our intent this year is to let more people know who we are and what we do. The site is also a good reflection of who we are and there are a few little pieces that show we don’t take ourselves too seriously!”

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