University launches search for 525 Alumni of Achievement

A new project aimed at celebrating the lives and achievements of 525 graduates of the University of Aberdeen kicks off today.

The 525 Alumni of Achievement project will tell the story of an amazing history of achievement and excellence by individuals who have passed through the university’s doors since it first opened in 1495, to the present day.

Part of the university’s wider 525th anniversary celebrations, all nominees must be characterised by outstanding contribution to either country, career, community or the University (or more than one of these). They must also have a degree or diploma from either the University of Aberdeen or one of its predecessor institutions, King’s College or Marischal College, or, for early history, have evidence of having studied there. Those with honorary degrees are exempt.

The nomination process for the project, which is led by the university’s development and alumni relations team, is open to anyone, from students, staff and alumni to members of the public, and local history societies.

A digital publication of the 525 alumni will be available later this year, with plans to produce a book also being considered.

Rob Donelson, executive director of advancement, said the project was one of the University’s most ambitious to date.

“Throughout its 525-year history, University of Aberdeen alumni can be found in every walk of life - educators and artists, poets and playwrights, public servants and parliamentarians, serving society’s marginalised and disadvantaged, those seeking justice and equality, and those providing healthcare.

“Still others are leading businesses that grow our economy, Nobel Prize winners who transform scientific thinking, and skilled athletes, coaches and mentors performing at their peak of excellence. In short, Aberdeen alumni have built and continue to build a stronger Scotland and a better world.

“We are very proud, not just of our alumni and their achievements, but that the outstanding education we have been able to provide has helped set them on their path to success. It is therefore fitting that we celebrate the most distinguished of our graduates over the past 525 years.”

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