The benefits of being part of Vanguard are:

  • You will get to meet and work with new like-minded people, broadening your professional networks
  • A great buzz provided by the energy and passion around Vanguard
  • The chance to look back with pride and say 'I helped make that happen'.

And the ask:

  • Be a proud ambassador for the Aberdeen region, the Chamber and Vanguard
  • Be a doer and not just a talker
  • Engage at all stages of the Vanguard initiative with restless curiosity from idea generation to project delivery
  • Offer your time to work with fellow Vanguard volunteers developing the next phase of creative project ideas
  • Be clear on your commitment and endeavour to deliver assigned actions by deadline
  • Recognise that not everyone can commit the same level of time but will support each other and the projects to the very best of your abilities
  • Look forward, not backwards to moan about what might have been or attribute blame. We can’t change the past. Our previous failures should be used only to provide inspiration for the future
  • Have fun! Make Vanguard an amazing experience for all

Want to know more?

Read more about what Vanguard is all about direct from volunteer Moray Barber here

Find out more about the history of Vanguard here

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