Women’s toiletry collection for Aberdeen food bank

Subsea 7 and CNOOC International have joined forces to gather donations of women’s toiletries to be given to beneficiaries of an Aberdeen food bank operator, Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE). The collection is an employee-led initiative as part of International Women’s Day activities, which will be made available to women in need through CFINE’s food bank.

CFINE’s food bank distributes on average two tonnes of toiletries annually, including men’s, women’s and children’s products. Beyond providing access to toiletries, CFINE has been an advocate of tackling period poverty. In partnership with Aberdeen City Council, the Scottish Government and through its FareShare Grampian programme, CFINE delivers free sanitary products to over 430 access points across Scotland.

Dave Simmers, CFINE CEO said:

“CFINE welcomes the generosity of the teams at Subsea 7, CNOOC International and everyone who have contributed.

“Women and men who struggle to get by often have to prioritise between personal hygiene and food. We believe, access to shower gel, shampoo and other essential personal hygiene products should not be a luxury. Thanks to everyone who helps us work towards restoring vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals’ dignity by making sure that they have access to self-hygiene essentials.”

As well as this joint initiative, Subsea 7 donated £5,000 to CFINE last Christmas after employees requested that a donation could be made instead of spending money on internal Christmas costs and gifts.

CNOOC International also donated funds totalling almost £20,000 in 2019 and has also worked with many of its fellow businesses located at the Prime Four business park to support CFINE. Most recently, they worked together to organise a 6-month long food drive for the charity’s food bank. This year, CFINE and the Prime Four businesses are working on further strengthening their partnership, involving a range of different activities to support those in poverty whilst also positively impacting the environment.

Rachel Jamieson and Michelle Wainwright, Communication team from Subsea 7

Rachel Jamieson and Michelle Wainwright, Communication team from Subsea 7

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