Nicola Sturgeon has denied that some of her decisions during the CV19 pandemic were motivated by furthering the cause of Scottish independence.

The former first minister also rejected claims she presided over a culture of secrecy despite admitting she deleted all her WhatsApps during the pandemic.

But she said all "relevant" information had been handed to the UK CV19 Inquiry.

Ms Sturgeon was speaking as she gave evidence to the inquiry in Edinburgh.

Ms Sturgeon was asked by Channel 4 News in August 2021 whether she could "guarantee to the bereaved families that you will disclose emails, WhatsApps, private emails if you've been using them. Whatever. That nothing will be off limits in this inquiry?'

The question related to the Scottish CV19 Inquiry, which is being held separately to the UK-wide one.

She had replied at the time: "If you understand statutory public inquiries you would know that even if I wasn't prepared to give that assurance, which for the avoidance of doubt I am, then I wouldn't have the ability. This will be a judge-led statutory inquiry."

But the UK inquiry has been told by Jamie Dawson KC that Ms Sturgeon appeared to have retained no informal messages in connection with her management of the pandemic.

Ms Sturgeon, who became tearful at points during her evidence, said she deleted these informal messages in line with official advice, and "salient" points were all recorded on the corporate record.

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