Wrights Dowson Group are extremely excited to launch its new Blast protection division.

The Bedfordshire-based company has partnered with a global powerhouse in the sector and is delighted to be able to offer B-spoke Blast and Arc flash protection with a global manufacturing capability. Blast curtains have been used within the energy sector for many years to isolate equipment and protect personnel during pressure testing. With the increased use of high-pressure equipment on and offshore WDG is using the latest best available technology within their protective equipment. Global manufacturing capability allows customers to minimise freight costs and import duty while also adding to their In Country Value (ICV) proposition to the end customers.

WDG Business Development Director John Dudgeon stated: “ We have been working with our customers and partner in the background for many months to really understand their needs and gauge how we can create the most competitively priced product of the highest quality while still assisting with reducing our carbon foot print. We truly feel the business model we have put together ticks all the boxes. We are here to assist with any Blast, ballistic and Arc flash projects that arise globally, whether it be Blast curtains, roof protection, portable test bays or Arc flash shields please get in touch”.

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